Kittens for sale bendigo

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. At Petbarn, we believe that all pets deserve the chance to have a happy and healthy life with a loving family. At any given moment, there are thousands of lovable pets in animal shelters across Australia waiting for a new home. Petbarn is passionate about sharing the joy of pet companionship so through the Petbarn Foundation, we partner with these shelters to make sure these pets are welcomed into families to receive the love and care they deserve.

kittens for sale bendigo

The companion animals that you see in our adoption centres, including kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, rabbits, mice, rats or guinea pigs are not sold for profit. Australia is a nation of pet lovers with more than two thirds of households owning a pet. Petbarn are actively involved in raising awareness for pet adoption. Since opening our first Petbarn Adoption Centre inwe have helped re-homed thousands of rescue dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits on behalf of our partner animal shelters whom we partner with closely.

All adoption pets have undergone a comprehensive vet check and been de-sexed.

Cats and Kittens for Sale and Adoption

In all cases dogs and cats are micro chipped, treated for internal and external parasites such as worms and fleasand had their initial vaccination and dogs are also treated for heartworm. Our partners bring their shelter animals to Petbarn where they will stay in purposely built and installed enclosures while waiting to be rehomed.

kittens for sale bendigo

All Petbarn enclosures are built at our cost and have designed in collaboration with the RSPCA to ensure the well being and safety of the pet during their short stay with us. Dedicated Petbarn staff personally care for all adoption pets. While being cared for in Petbarn Adoption Centres, staff see to all the pets needs including feeding and checking the health and wellbeing throughout the day. Dedicated staff from the adoption partner also ensure the pet is cared for during their stay.

When a prospective pet parent shows interest in adopting one our adoption pets, a Petbarn team member will spend time explaining the adoption process and ensuring there is a good connection and responsible intention between them and the pet.

In the best interest of the pet, no pet is adopted until a thorough interview is conducted with the potential pet parent in line with our adoption partner procedures. The fee of adopting a pet will vary and is set by our adoption partners which is paid by anyone adopting a pet.

The adoption fee is collected by Petbarn and passed directly onto the adoption partner. Petbarn does not profit from adoption fees. Petbarn is proud to provide food, housing and dedicated staff to caring for the adoption animals while in staying in Petbarn Adoption Centres. Petbarn provide instore adoption shelters to make rescue pets more accessible to the public to help them find a loving home.

We walked into Petbarn Nunawading and fell in love immediately with Natasha, the month-old kitten. We went home and talked about it.

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Later that we week we found out that she had been there for a few months and no one wanted to adopt her. We got the news that she was ours and we were sooo excited. We went to the shops and bought everything possible for her. She now lives at home with me, my fiance, my mum and dad and brother. We have 1 other cat and dog. Thank you so much Petbarn for your quick response from Cat Corner of the adoption and for all your lovely help in getting her the correct food and information.

We're so happy with our new kitten 'Tiny' she's so friendly, purrs constantly so has adjusted really well, kids love her. I adopted Mary the kitten at the beginning of July and she has been a wonderful addition to my household! She's very adventurous chasing shadows around on the floor and loves cuddling up on my lap whenever I'm relaxing!

My new best friend is beautiful! We adopted our lovely boy Frosty Fruit from Petbarn Northmead. He is a very affectionate cat who loves nothing better than trying to snuggle on the kitchen bench while food is being prepared — he does love his food! We are so pleased that we met Frosty when we did and are thrilled that he is a part of our little feline family.

I wasn't planning on getting another cat as I left my one to my mum to keep her company as she was lonely. But I walked into Nunawading Petbarn about two weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with a cat up for adoption by the name of "Magpie".Perfect Pets. I am looking for: Pet services, shelters, breeders etc, OR Pets for sale, adoption, events etc Pet services, shelters, breeders, vets, clubs Pets for sale, for adoption Featured Listing:.

I have available 2 male desexed bengal kittens from my current litter. The kittens are 12 weeks old now and ready to go to their new homes. Search Results - 1 - 15 of For Sale: Leosleapards quality Bengals. Can be contacted by phone or email read more. They are microchipped, fully vaccinated, desexed, For Sale: Somali kittens Silvers. For Adoption: 3 y. Retiree Ellie needs a home. Ellie is a quiet girl who has been relegated the bottom of the pecking order in my household.

Too many hormones. Since being desexed she has settled a little but is still timid. She will take a Sadly I need to reduce the number of my cats for medical reasons so am offering some older kittens and young adult Scottish Fold and Scottish Shorthair cats to approved registered breeders or as Sadly I need to reduce the numbers of my cats for medical reasons so am offering some young adult British Shorthair cats to approved registered breeders or as pets.

These cats are not yet desexed. For Sale: British Shorthair Kittens. Beautiful British Shorthair kittens, including unusual colours and patterns. My kittens leave me at about 12 weeks old, already desexed, microchipped, vaccinated appropriately, registered, treated Intoxicatingly cute, beautiful and uncommon Scottish Fold kittens and their normal-eared Scottish Shorthair siblings.

Scottish Folds are quite rare so there is often a substantial wait before a Emerie toilet trained eating dry food, playful. Suited to a home with other cats or kittens kid friendly and maybe be okay with dogs. For Sale: Persian and Exotic kittens. Kittens are available at around 10 to 14 weeks of age and will be desexed, microchipped, have at least one vaccination etc.

For Sale: Desexed Male Kitten. Please meet Mr Reggie - born 27 Nov He can play by himself or with company. He is definitely show quality and would be lovely in the For Sale: Somali kittens. Somali kittens available 12 weeks old. Desexed Microchipped Wormed And have had vaccination read more. Beautiful ragdoll babies, available in 8 weeks, raised in my home, pedigree supplied.

Toyger Kittens Prowl Around Their Suburban Jungle Home - Too Cute!

We have some lovely retired boys and girls looking for new indoor homes.Kittens Strip Club has provided pure entertainment for its members and the general public for over 15 years, boasting the finest looking and most approachable girls in town. Kittens Strip Club has secured its trade mark as one of the best strip clubs in Melbourne with a party atmosphere.

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Kittens Party Bus Melbourne. Have a listenCats and kittens, an invasive adaptable species - and the most popular house pet on the planet. Anybody who loves cats has probably been hypnotized by these independent, mischievous, charming and mysterious pets. Unlike dogs, cats seem to choose whom they love, which makes us as owners all the more honored to "parent" them.

These little bundles of fur are every bit as enchanting as their adult counterparts — arguably, even more so. The word "kitten" comes from the French word "chitoun," which means "kitten. A female cat usually has a litter of 2 to 5 kittens, with a gestational period of 64 to 67 days. When kittens are first born, they are in something called the amnion, a sack that the mother cat bites off and then consumes.

kittens for sale bendigo

They can't defecate or urinate by themselves, nor regulate their body temperatures, so the mother must stimulate them and keep them warm with her own body. When they're born, their eyes are closed, and they remain "blind" until they are about 10 days old. Even when their eyes are first open, they can't see very well because the retina isn't fully developed. At about 10 weeks old, they can see as well as adult cats, making this the youngest age they can be separated from their mother and put up for sale.

Search for Cats and Kittens for Sale on Pets4you. Kittens for sale, review our Cat Classifieds, find 75 Cat Breeds and hundreds of ads of kittens for sale. Domestic cats and kittens for sale. Find your perfect kitten or cat for sale from reputable, responsible cat breeders.

During the first weeks of life, until about their seventh or eighth week, it's very important that they stay with the mother. During this time, they develop coordination and strength by "play fighting" with littermates, learning to wash themselves and to "stalk" imaginary game, functions they will need to survive in the wild.

As they grow, the mother cat will demonstrate hunting techniques to her young so that they learn how to persevere on their own. If the mother cat is completely domesticated, she will also teach them other behaviors necessary to domestic living, such as using the litter box.

Kittens consume mother's milk until they are about 3 to 4 weeks old, at which time they begin to eat solid food. By the time they are 6 to 8 weeks old, their diets are entirely comprised of solid food, although they may continue to nurse until they're separated from their mothers. Although it's often recommended that kittens should stay with their mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old, which is important to a kitten's behavioral and social development, kittens sometimes can be separated from their mothers at an earlier age.

By the time they are six to seven months old, they are generally sexually mature, and should be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancy, unless careful breeding is planned. A kitten should be vaccinated against contagious illnesses like feline calicivirus, feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline panleukopenia. The vaccinations for these disorders are given at 8, 12, and 16 weeks, with an initial vaccination against rabies given at 16 weeks.

By the time a kitten is 6 to 7 months old, it should be spayed or neutered if not kept for breeding purposes, although some kittens can be spayed or neutered at seven weeks if necessary.

Kittens are generally also wormed for roundworms at about four weeks. Today's domestic kitty was probably the product of European and African wildcats, most notably the Middle Eastern wildcat, Felis sylvestris.

Because even today's domesticated house cat is so independent, experts have said that cats were not domesticated by humans.

RSPCA Adoption

Rather, cats domesticated themselves. They've been kept as pets, to control vermin, and even worshipped as gods since the times of ancient Egypt. Ina Cyprus archaeological dig revealed that a cat and human had been deliberately buried together, an obvious nod to the cat's domestication and importance to the human relationship originating about 9, years ago.

They also had a practical purpose, of course, which was to control vermin within grain storage. Egyptians prized cats so much that if a person deliberately killed a cat, that person was put to death for the offense. As the site at Cyprus shows, cats were routinely placed in graves alongside owners when those owners died.Stories about very happy animals that have been rehomed. Pets Haven is not your normal every day animal shelter. We are a Pro-Life facility, we do not believe in euthanising healthy animals for economic reasons or to simply make room.

Our emphasis relates to helping both human beings and our orphaned animals. Our aim is to responsibly rehouse companion pets back into our community, where they belong. We aim to open our Community Veterinary Clinic within the coming months. Are you looking for Locum, part-time, full time work? Work to suit your living lifestyle? An overseas Veterinarian who would like to work in Australia?

You will be working with our Senior Veterinarian to provide outstanding veterinary care services and surgical procedures. About us Pets Haven Foundation has been established since during this time Pets Haven has rehoused over 18 thousand animals. We are leading example of providing animal welfare services; our emphasis is on pro-life and our values are highly regarded.

The veterinary clinic is located at Canterbury Road Bayswater, there are two clinic on site with 25 car parking spaces.

Cats & Kittens for Sale

We offer a professional and supportive working environment with an emphasis on team work. Our purpose is to deliver high standards services to our clients and the best possible care to all animals in our care. We are looking for Veterinarians who are enthusiastic, ethical, reliable who will not let the team down and who has the ability to work with our fun and energetic team, while also working independently when required.

Our ideal veterinarians will be light hearted and have a good sense of humour but at the same time is dedicated to their work and has an empathy for all creatures. Strong communication skills and the ability to build effective working relationships with clients, employees and referring vets.

An industry leading salary commensurate with experience. Commitment to your career development. An interesting and varied role. A dynamic and supportive team environment.Mayflower Ragdolls is dedicated to improving the breed of this beautiful animal i have been breeding Ragdolls since All of our kittens come desexed.

For more information please visit our facebook page. Our recommendation is that you purchase pets locally and in person. While many reputable breeders send animals interstate safely and without issue, we do not encourage this.

Can you meet the mother and father, and how old are they? Please contact usas well as their veterinary practice if possibleand the appropriate authorities in your area eg. Please follow the advice provided. Perfect Pets. Home Search. Breeder - Cats. Facebook Email us. Please read before making contact. Phone: Please report any errors or concerns. Have the mother and father had any health issues?

Have they been been treated for parasites fleas and wormsand what, precisely, was used? Have they been checked by a vet, and is there evidence of this? How much socialisation has the puppy or kitten had? If answered positively and appropriately the answers to these questions should reassure you that the puppy or kitten you're interested in will grow to be a happy healthy animal. Please note that information regarding breed specific health checks can at times be difficult to understand and interpret.

Common genetic disorders are a serious and growing concern. It's not a bad idea to write down the information you've been given and seek advice from your vet for confirmation. Breed clubs are also great sources of information on health testing. A responsible and caring breeder will also want to make sure you are going to provide a loving and safe forever home, and will ask you lots of questions.I am seeking a new male ragdoll or similar breed kitten to be a playmate for our other ragdoll kitten.

It will need to be relaxed and friendly with children, adults and other cats in our house. Thanks :. We are looking for foster carers. No adoptions enquiries thank you. Foster criteria and agreement applies. Automated responses will not be answered. We found 16 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Looking to buy a Sphynx kitten for a loving family home, located in Victoria. If anyone can help please contact.

Thank you. Hi I'm looking for a kitten needing to go to good home will go to a loving forever home as indoor kitten as I'm on dissability and really needing the company now that all my kids have gone and I s spend a lot of time home alone really want to fuss over a little fur baby to keep me company will sleep on my bed and be very loved and spoilt please text with what u have on.

Wanted female ginger kitten Looking for a new addition to our family The new addition will be majority an inside pet with occasional time outside and will have another older cat for company Highly prefer a female and am very particular about markings so are looking for the perfect girl to join our family where she will be very spoiled and loved :. I'm looking for some kittens. I would like at least 2. Preferably female but not too fussy. We have been missing this cat since she was an older kitten.

The photo shows her before she went missing and when she was a few months old. She was a smallish, delicate framed cat and may be the same size or bigger now. Lost from Sunbury. Desperately still want her back she was special and very loved. Hello Looking to see if anyone has any kittens they'd like to give away to a good home and loving family We're located in cragieburn so preferably surrounding areas if possible.

Himalayan x british short hair Currently have 2 kittens available. One male and one female. Kittens are wormed, vaccinated and microchipped. Kittens are litter trained and on wet food. Hello everyone Recently moved into a new home and wanting a friend to keep me company, so was wondering if anyone had any kittens they were giving away, I live in Epping.

Looking for a blue British short hair kitten, preferably male. Looking for microchipped, vaccinated and desexed.

Located in Melbourne area but willing to travel. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Suggested Searches: ragdoll kittens ginger kittens free kittens kittens sale female kittens orange kitten dogs cats kittens short hair grey kittens blue kittens cats kittens white kittens rescue kittens bengal kittens black kittens.

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