Mexican mauser 1930

Intended for military use, the Fusil Mexico was a manually operated rifle that used a type of slide action instead of a traditional bolt. To cycle the action, the barrel end of the rifle was rotated clockwise, and pushed forward. The rotation unlocked the bolt, and sliding the barrel would eject the fired round and chamber a new one from the fixed magazine.

1910 Mexican Mauser Conversion

The idea behind the design is that this would allow rapid fire more easily than a bolt action without the shooter dismounting the gun, as well as allow simpler disassembly and cleaning of the weapon.

As shown in the patent cutaway drawings, a small plunger connected to the magazine follower was exposed behind the trigger guard to give the shooter a counter of the ammunition remaining in the magazine. The magazine loading port was also atypical, being located in the side of the stock like a lever-action rifle of the time.

Finally, the rear sight was an interesting curved sliding affair, and without and range gradations this is probably due to the experimental nature of the rifle. As with other Mexican arms of the period, the Fusil Mexico was fitted to take a Mauser type bayonet. This Fusil Mexico surfaced for sale at a recent gun show download the gallery in high resolution.

US Patent 1, R. Mendoza; Rifle; February 11, How Rafael Mendoza thought he could compete against the Mausers used and ultimately made by the Mexican military with such a complex and seemingly impractical design is beyond me!

Thanks for posting these nice photos of a very rare gun — these are probably the best pictures I ever saw of the Fusil Mexico. I remember seeing a single photo of a carbine lenght version, with furniture not unlike that of a Krag carbine.

Awesome post!!! Thank you!

FN Model 24 and Model 30

Everything is unusual and unique in this rifle! Imagine how hard it is to reload compared to conventional bolt actions and straight pull actions.

At first I thought that was dumbest thing I had ever seen, but on reflection, it makes sense on some levels. There is some really neat thinking out of Mexican arms design Mondragon, anyone? It is is a crying shame that almost all of it got buried by various factors. I got this website a few weeks ago. I flew to Houston and sure enough, he had arranged for a meeting with the owner. She shoots great, Has an excellent bore. Probably equivelent to a new M95 Mauser. Thank you so much for exposing these neat old guns.

The only thing I have ever heard that endorses forend cycling was shared with me by a Marine training sergeant of course. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of new posts by email. Site developed by Cardinal Acres Web Development. Contact Ian.There are four basic sizes of Mauser actions.

Two of these are rather uncommon and two of them are quite common. Mauser actions have been manufactured by a large number of companies in many different countries for over years. While the following guidelines are accurate, they are not to be taken as absolute. There are exceptions to every rule.

The most common actions you will find are known as large ring and small ring actions. Mauser actions utilize two ring sizes. A small ring action has basically the same external profile from front to rear. The outside diameter of the action at the front ring will be 1.

The large ring action has a slight step or swell at the front of the action and the ring will measure 1. Almost all of these were small ring actions, although at least one specimen of large ring Kurz exists. These are true 98 pattern actions that cock on opening. The bolts, receivers, firing pins, extractors and bottom metal are unique to that model and are not interchangeable with other Mauser actions. The overall length of the actions is about 8. These actions are among the most uncommon Mausers, quite rare and highly desirable to collectors.

The most common of these are the Spanish Mausers and the Swedish Mausers.

mexican mauser 1930

These are the pre style, small ring Mausers that have the long, non-rotating Mauser extractor, familiar ejector box on the left side rear of the receiver and the enclosed staggered-round magazine. They lack the third safety locking lug at the rear of the bolt near the bolt handle root and they cock on closing. The bolt shroud at the rear of the bolt does not have the gas deflection flange of the M98 shroud.

These actions have an overall length of about 8. Slightly less common intermediate size actions are the, Mexican, and the Yugoslavian. These are also about 8. The and Mexican actions are small ring actions while the Mexican and Yugoslavian actions are large ring. Parts on all four of these actions are for the most part interchangeable; bolts, bottom metal, firing pins, etc. The fourth size of Mauser action is the Magnum size action.

These were built in limited numbers by Mauser and are slightly over nine inches in overall length. Each of these actions is unique to the manufacturer and parts are not interchangeable.

These are not commonly encountered and original Mauser specimens are desirable to collectors. Click Here to view 'bt If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below. Thank you for contacting Brownells. Live Chat is available am to Midnight U. CST Saturday - Sunday. You may also contact us via email at info brownells. Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram.The Breech Loading Rifles of Mexico. Among the first breech loaders in Mexico were Spencer and Henry types.

In the 's, the new Republican Government of Mexico purchased surplus. Springfields as well as Winchester M Muskets and carbines in. About a Remington Rolling Block carbines were purchased which used a modified breech block permitting use of the.

The Spanish Model 11mm. Surplus U. Policing the country and maintaining order was a constant struggle. In the 's the need for modern smokeless repeaters was pressing. Bandits and insurgents could readily obtain modern weapons smuggled from the U. Sometime in the 's, the newer U. Army Springfield "Trapdoor". These Springfields were single shot, black powder breech loaders and would later form the main armament of the Cuencame rebels during the Maderista Revolt.

Cyr and later the O. The initial design was completed in lateprototypes tested on 18 October and 50 Swiss made rifles of an improved type issued to the 25th Infantry Bn. This Model had a switch plate with three settings:"A" for automatic, "L"for safe, and "R" for use in the manual straight pull bolt action mode.

The rifles were ordinarily intended to be used in aimed fire manual mode but could be switched to automatic volley fire in the assault. The rifles had a fixed 8 round magazine using an enbloc Garand type clip of special 6. The rifles were made in Switzerland due to the lack of native production facilities, but the design was overly complex, somewhat lacking in sturdiness and too expensive in price to consider arming all the Mexican Army with it.

Instead, Mexico adopted the Mauser Model in 7x57mm both in carbine and long rifle form. The Mexican Eagle Crest is on the receiver ring. Many specimens today have none of these markings due to wear and various rebuilding over a period of 70 years. Money was in short supply and so as an economy measure Remington Model rifles and carbines in 7x57mm were purchased in fairly large numbers to supplement the Mausers.

Three carbines could be bought for the price of one Mauser carbine. About a Nagant type revolver carbine was purchased in Belgium for use by mounted police, the "Rurales". It was made by Pieper in 8mm Nagant. As the Mexican Army slowly rearmed with the Mauser, the older Remington 11mm and newer Model 7x57mm "Rolling Block" rifles and carbines were handed off to police and other security forces.

The Federal "Rurales" were armed with the smokeless powder lever action. The northern states of Durango and Coahuila purchased Winchester Modelo carbines in the period between and for issue to their "Rurales". Inwhat many consider the finest Mauser action ever designed was adopted when DWM completed the deliveries on the contract for the Modelo This used a small receiver ring short action of the pattern 98 type. The Modelo was made by DWM and about 38, were delivered by when the contract was completed.

Still short of rifles, a new contract was let for additional Mausers and assigned to Steyr by the Mauser Rifle Cartel in and 40, more M were delivered. All M were in 7x57mm.The stock and handguard look like the M98 except they are shorter. Model Mauser Cavalry Carbine This carbine has a straight wrist stock that is not full length and is equipped with a saddle ring on the bottom just behind the trigger guard.

There is no bayonet lug. The upper hand guard runs from the receiver to just in front of the barrel band, which houses the front sling swivel.

Specs are: length Model K98K Mauser Carbine. Model 49 Mauser Carbine. Model 98k Mauser Carbine. It has a bent bolt and side mounted sling attachments with an overall length of The receiver was originally marked with the crest of Mexico but it could have been removed in an arsenal refinish. Model Mauser Carbine -This carbine is almost identical to the except that it has the large ring receiver and the front sight has ear protectors.

Its overall length of Model FN Mauser Carbine. Model Carbine Model Carbine. Model 30 Carbine Model 49 Carbine. Very few imported by Golden State Arms about Model Mauser Navy - Rifle Lange sight Carbine, I believe correctly called a short rifle, made for the Navy from rifles in the 20's.

Mexican Mauser barrel thread?

Model Mauser Carbine- Kar 98az. Model Mauser Carbine Model Mauser Carbine This carbine has a full length straight wrist stock with a saddle ring at the wrist, front sight protector ears and a bent bolt handle. Model Mauser Carbine Specs: Length Model Mauser Carbine Model Mauser Carbine There are three variations of this carbine, one a long full length stocked carbine, one a short full length stocked carbine and the other a short carbine with a stock that is four inches shorter than the barrel.

Model VZ37 Mauser Carbine. Model 30 FN Mauser Carbine. They also have a turned down bolt handle.Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread: Mexican Mauser Stock? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Mexican Mauser Stock?

Hi guys. I am working on a project mexican mauser and am looking for a replacement stock. I would prefer a wood commercial replacement, but looking for anything usable, really. Anyone have anything used lying around that they could part with? I came into this world kicking, screaming, and covered in someone elses blood. I plan to go out the same way.

The Long and Short of Mauser Actions

There were two different Mexican Mausers. One made in Germany and other other made in Mexico and they are not quite the same. Disclaimer: The above is not holy writ.

It is just my opinion based on my experience and knowledge. Your mileage may vary. Mine is a Mexico "De Armas" mauser in 7x Well, I think it is mexican mexican any way. How do you tell the difference? Is one stamped Germany, or something? Mauser identification and aspects were never part of my main interests until of late. The Sportsman's quide has some Mauser parts, including stocks that might be what you are looking for. There is another thread here that The Dutchman started that identifies the differences in the actions and markings.

Thanks for the heads up on the thread. I will give it a lookover at least to educate myself. Whoops, wrong thread All the Mexican Mauser Variants have the national crest on the receiver and a date. Most of them are 7 x 57, late models were rebarreled to Most Mexican actions are small ring. The Chinese still used the swastika until I believe late 30s because the swastika was getting a bad rep because if Germany, and china didn't want to get a super bad rep because of how there symbol was utilized.

Originally Posted by tadeus. They were barreled by a guy named Brian Sipe if I remember correctly, used to be known as "The Montana Rifleman" and he sold his business and it bacame Montana Rifle Company.

Back in mid 90's the internet was a fledgling thing and almost nobody could semi-inlet for this not large ring and not small ring Mauser although I did manage to get a guy to do a nice walnut semi-inlet in Walnut for me, still have it but I need two moreThey are similar to the Czech vz. The confusion comes from the fact both versions were marketed at the same time in the s.

After the war, some training carbines Mle 24 in. The Republic of China received 24, FN Model 24 and 30 from to and more thanModel 30 between and The Ethiopian Empire bought 25, 7. Between andthe Dutch company Indische Ondernemers Bond Indies Business Unionbought 2, Mle 24 carbines for private security tasks, modified in the Netherlands to fire.

Some were also kept in 7. They have been later used by the independentist Free Papua Movement. Israel bought in the early s some FN Model 30 short rifles originally in 7. They were clones of the Kar 98k and were later modified to fire 7. During the lates, Lithuania bought more than 75, Fusil Mle 30, exactly similar to the Brno -made vz. They were later captured and used by the German Army after the invasion of Luxembourg.

In andMexico ordered some 35, FN Mle 24 short rifles and carbines, chambered in 7mm Mauser. In the s, Morocco bought Model carbines in. It had an inverted safety, which was activate by being turned to the left of the rifle. This 7. Venezuela ordered 16, FN Mle 30 short rifles and carbines in the mids, firing the 7mm Mauser cartridge. The first Mauser -pattern rifle produced in Yugoslavia was the M Its predecessor, the FN Model had been produced for the Yugoslav army by FN Herstal until the Ministry and FN signed a contract on the purchase of the licence for production of rifles 7.

The M24 and Model are nearly identical. These were produced by reworking existing prewar Serbian Model 24 Mausers and then refurbished with new parts at the Zastava Arms formally Kragujevac Arsenal plant, which was at that time under the control of the postwar communist government.

Argentina bought many FN Model 24 rifles and Model 30 short rifles during the interwar period. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

mexican mauser 1930

Redirected from Peruvian Model short rifle. Type of Bolt-action rifle. This section needs additional citations for verification.

mexican mauser 1930

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. B; Smith, Joseph E. The Book of Rifles. National Rifle Association. Gazette des Armes. The Chaco War South America's greatest modern conflict. Osprey Publishing. Small Arms Review.

mexican mauser 1930

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Ask the auctioneer a question Want to phone or mail the auctioneer? View auctioneer's contact info Browse All Upcoming Auctions Want to receive updates about upcoming auctions? Enable email updates Mexican Model Mauser carbine, 7 x 57 caliber, Serial The metal surfaces have gone to a mottled grey patina. The smooth wood stock is dented and bruised showing moderate use.

The buttstock retains the ramrod and sling swivels, period leather military sling and ends with a smooth steel butt plate. The bore is fair, the action functions and the markings are crisp. Auction Location: Katella Ave.

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